RCTech forum user neilb provides information on how to fit a metal spur to your TD vehicle here

Setup Guides

Team Durango's Travis Amezcua gives some tips on adjusting caster and active caster.
Video here
Travis Amezcua gives some tips on tuning your diffs for different traction levels.
Video here
A guide on the effects of Droop Travel
Article here
Tips on getting more forward traction
Video here
Increasing on-power steering
Video here
A quick video guide on adjusting the inserts in the RR suspension block.
Video here
Travis Amezcua gives some tips on reducing mid-corner understeer.
Video here
Team Durango's Tech Cards provide you with tips to help tune your vehicles setup.
Tech Tips Card


Setting the anti-roll bar retaining screw for efficient and bind-free action. See the video here
Due to different dimensions of servos and servo horns, you may find your steering link binds during steering travel. A quick guide on fixing this issue can be found here
Early batches of kits had an issue with the front sway bar retainingplate flexing, you can find a quick fix here.
Many people opt to replace the plastic track width spacer with a metal one