Novak FDR Recommendations

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These gearings should be used as a starting point, but the motor and ESC temperatures should always be used to determine the final gearing. Neither the motor (with sintered rotor) nor the ESC should be hotter than 160 to 175 F after a five minute run. If either temperature is higher than 160 to 175 F , the gearing should be lowered until both the ESC and the motor (with the sintered rotor) are under this temperature.
Over gearing the motor will result in excessive operating temperatures, which may result in internal damage. The cooler the ESC runs, the better the performance of the system.
These recomendations are for "0" Timing applications.

Motor Turn

Touring Car

3.5 10.5
4.5 9.5
5.5 8.5
6.5 7.5
7.5 7.0
8.5 6.5
10.5 5.5
13.5 4.5
17.5 3.5
21.5 3.4
These gearings are given in the Final Drive Ratio (FDR) form for standard-sized rubber tires.

Using standard-sized tires to calculate your FDR, first divide your vehicle's spur gear by the pinion gear, then multiply that result by the internal drive ratio of the car. The internal drive ratio can be found in the documentation that comes with your vehicle. EX. (72 spur 21 pinion) x 2.5 internal drive ratio = 8.57 FDR

FDR Gear Chart

Internal ratio: 1.95




Team Durango Gear Chart

Team Durango 64Dp Gear Chart