Build Guides

Team Durango's guide to building the ball diff for your '210 vehicle.
Ball Differential Build
A quick video guide on how to build the gearbox for your '210 vehcicle here
Guide to building the gear diff for the '210 series
Gear Diff Build
A guide detailing the settings achieved with the various suspension inserts for the '210 series.
Insert guide
Information related to the various motor positions for the '210 series.
Motor Configuration Guide
A template to eliminate guesswork when positioning the holes in your wing. Find it here


A simple mod to fix a worn slipper spacer using a nitro clutch bell shim, similar to #TD709015.
Slipper spacer fix


A small chart with the differing anti-squat values using HRC and LRC blocks. Here.
Team Durango driver Jason Ametrine displays how to easily swap between a ball and gear diff in this video.
If your slipper slips regardless of how tight you have it set, you may need to add spacers to your slipper assembly.For more information, check out the guide here