Build Guides

A simple guide designed to reduce slop in the steering assembly.
Ackermann Link Mod
A quick guide on installing the driveshaft boots without tearing the rubber
Driveshaft Boot Install
Team Durango's Guide to installing the snap ring on the '408 series.
‘Snapring’ Install/Removal
Rebuilding 8th scale diffs
Diff Rebuild
Setting rebound on your 8th scale shocks.
Shock Rebound
A guide on building shocks for the '408 series
Shock Build Guide
The option part TD330303 ‘toe-in and kick-up inserts’ provides extra tuning options for the ’408 series of vehicles.
Insert Guide


With the +2mm rear raised roll centre mod, you can expect the rear end to support itself more and have less roll in the corners – also helping the car over bumpy tracks and prevening it from bottoming out too easily.
+2mm Mod