Build Guides

A quick guide with tips to build your 2-way slipper
2-way slipper build
A video guide on how best to build the Team Durango Two Way Slipper Clutch.
Build video
A quick video displaying how disassemble and reassemble your 10th scale Big Bore Shocks. Big Bore Shock Build
Team Durango's guide to leak free diffs
Leak Free Diffs
Team Durango's guide to building solid CVDs reducing the chance of the drive pin coming loose
Bullet-Proofing your CVDs
Team Durango's guide to correctly building the gearboxes for your '410 vehicle
Gearbox Build Guide
Team Durango's Insert version RR suspension mount allows for a large amount of different anti-squat settings. Here's a guide to the different options.
RR Anti-squat Settings
Team Durango's guide to assembling the shocks for your 10th scale vehicle.
Shock Build Guide
Team Durango's guide on assembling the turnbuckles for your 10th scale vehicle.
Turnbuckle Build Guide


A mod to reduce the chance of your diffs leaking.
Diff Seal Mod
A video displaying an easy mod to increase the rear track width of your DEX410 vehicle, ideal for low traction surfaces. Watch the video here