The 4 spacers that were on the arm sprue from step F1 are needed for this step, the spacers are 2.5x7x1mm in size.

Flipping the vehicle upside down makes the install of the caster blocks easier, make sure they are facing the proper direction.


Install the hubs with the ball studs facing towards the rear.

K3 K4 K5

Aftermarket/Option Parts

The new ball cups allow the turnbuckle to be inserted a bit before there is material to thread into.

I use a set of pliers to avoid any chance of deforming the ball cup.

The turnbuckles threaded fully.

I unwind the turnbuckle to the point of the thread just showing.

Then attach to the vehicle to adjust to required measurements. I like to install the turnbuckles with the marked section towards the left of the vehicle. This way I can remember which way to wind the turnbuckle to adjust it, winding forwards lengthens the turnbuckle and rearwards shortens it.


The correct bumper orientation.

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