Aftermarket/Option Parts

Several differences here compared to previous kits. The v4 comes with black Titanium Nitride shock shafts, new purple shock o-rings #TD330609 and should include TD's new Spec B pistons #TD330590

I recommend attaching the pistons first. You may find the washers too tight to push on fully, placing the piston over the washer and tightening the screw will seat it properly.

Make sure you have the correct piston per shock shaft and apply thread lock to the screw.

Make sure the plastic shock parts are free of any excess material.

The correct orientation/order of the shock plastics/seals.

The outer plastic guide should be seated flush to the shock body

Screw the lower cap on and attach the rubber stops.


To avoid scratching/damaging the shock shaft, I fold a piece of electrical tape in half to place over the shock shaft when gripping it with pliers

Inserting the pivot ball into the shock end.


Aftermarket/Option Parts

I like to keep the two lots of shock caps separate when installing for a reason shown in the L4

Make sure the seal is properly seated.

Shocks oil filled. Check out Team Durango's guide on building your shocks here, for more information.

Shocks fully assembled, ready for mounting


Aftermarket/Option Parts

The shock caps have 2 different sized holes, the shock standoffs get inserted into the larger hole.

Don't forget the plastic spacer.

I attach the top of the shock first, with the bleeder screws facing inwards. This helps prevent dirt from filling the screw head during tumbles.


Aftermarket/Option Parts

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