Aftermarket/Option Parts

Contents of Bag B - B1

Before proceeding with step B1 check that the Outdrive Gears from bag B2 fit over the outdrives smoothly. Sometimes they will not and will require a light sanding of the outdrive to allow them to fit on easily.

Outdrives lightly sanded to allow the gear to fit on smoothly

Gears now fit on smoothly

Onwards with step B1. Grease the outdrives

I put a bit of grease inside the ring of the diff cup and gear too.

Next up, the seals. Using a bit of grease to stick them to a small cross wrench allows for easier installation of the seals.

Washers and clips in place

Wipe off any excess grease

Install the shims, the copper colored 0.1mm on the gear side and the silver colored 0.2mm shim on the diff cup. These may need to be adjusted in future steps. Add the bearings and that is step B1 completed.


Aftermarket/Option Parts

New to TD's 10th scale range are the composite spider gears and cross shafts included in Bag B2.

I filled the diff cup slightly before inserting the diff internals.

Gears and Cross Shaft installed

I didn't have scales to measure the recommended 1.5g of Diff oil, so I filled them like I would usually.

Place the gear on top and it's ready to be sealed.

Tighten the screws in a star pattern, being careful not to over tighten them

Write the oil weight on the Diff to avoid confusion for the next step

B2 Complete

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