Aftermarket/Option Parts

New for the v4 are Univeral Joints for the center driveshafts

Give the Threaded section of the UJ and grub screws a quick cleaning with brake cleaner to remove any residue that could reduce the effectiveness of the thread lock.

Bearings installed on the diff input gear.

Don't forget the thread lock

I use 2 of TD's 2.8mm spacers #TD709005 to set the 2.8mm gap between the bearings.

Center driveshafts complete.


First step to use parts from the plastic bag

Check the fitment of the diff and gear mesh, it may require adjusting for smooth operation. Check out Team Durango's guide for further information, here. For my build I had to remove the copper colored shims and move the silver colored one to the gear side. Also make sure that the correct driveshaft is matched with the different diffs, the 70mm for the rear diff and 84mm for the front diff.

Apply grease before closing the diff case.

Don't over tighten the diff case screws. C2 Complete

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