Aftermarket/Option Parts

The v4 comes with an olive colored servo saver shaft and nut.

I built my servo saver according to Team Durango's guide found here.

Thread lock the screws that hold the steering shafts too


Aftermarket/Option Parts

Measure the 1.5mm space with a set of calipers or lay it over the 1:1 scale in the manual, take note of the pivot ball orientation when installing them.

The manual has a low profile nut listed for the bearing screws, but the kit comes with standard size nuts for this section. Don't forget to thread lock the 3x6mm flat head screw


Aftermarket/Option Parts

Pick the servo arm suited to your servo, I had already cut off the 25T.

The manual calls for the servo mounted directly on the servo mount but I like to run the rubber grommets on my servos for a bit of extra cushioning. It requires the use of 3x10mm screws to mount the servo instead of the 3x8mm provided.

You will also need a 2mm spacer and 3x10mm screw to join the steering linkage and servo arm. Be careful not to pinch the servo lead when installing the steering assembly onto the chassis.


An easy step, ensure the plastic brace is properly seated and thread lock the screws going into the steel posts.


Bevel the ends of the slipper retainer pin slightly to make it easier to insert.


Make sure you insert the diff cases with the screw heads facing down.


Aftermarket/Option Parts

I received an extra 3x15mm screw for this step.

The diff case holders are keyed.

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