Step 30

Bag 28(The battery braces, the bag was already opened in a previous step) and 61. I had already used two of the battery braces in a previous step to assist with deciding how to route the wiring.

The DEX8T comes with 3 different battery braces. A fixed width brace, an adjustable brace and one for batteries with rounded edges, use the one best suited to your batteries.

The final step of the manual is mounting the body.

Before you race.

Final preparation

Set your ride height by adjusting the preload collars, make sure they are adjusted the same amount each side

Check your front camber is the same on both sides, adjust if needed.

As a starting point for droop, I set the down travel to just under the maximum length of the shock when measured from top to bottom pivot points. This stops the piston from slamming into the shock body when the arm extends.
The front shock is ~117mm fully extended, so I limit the droop accordingly. This can be adjusted from either the top or bottom of the arm.

And repeat for the rear, this time the shock is ~144mm fully extended.


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