Step 1

The build starts with the front and rear diffs. Bag 45 is located in the small side box.

Remove the ring gear.

Optional Step

I dismantled my diffs fully and applied grease to the outdrives, diff case and gear.

Mark the diff cases so you know which is which when they are reassembled.

If you choose to fill your diffs to weight, I found ~2.3 grams of oil to be the appropriate amount of oil, not the 1.4g in the manual.

Diff filled.

Reattach the ring gear and you're ready for the next step.

Step 2

Filling the center diff. Bag 6 is also found in the small side box.

Remove the spur gear.

Optional Step

Once again, I apply grease to the outdrives and diff cups.

Mark the diff case for future reference.

Check that the screw holding the outdrive onto the shaft is tight.

Filling the diff to weight.

Diff filled.

Reattach the spur gear and you're ready for the next step.

Step 3

This step was updated in the digital copy of the manual found here. The updated instructions include steps to install a foam insert above the bladder and a screw into the shock cap and an additional parts bag is listed. There is also a link to this shock filling guide

Bags 46, 47 and 103 are located in the removable tray. Additional pistons are provided in bag 63.

Measure your shocks to make sure they are the appropriate length

Optional Step

I like to make a small vent hole in the shock boot to prevent the vacuum effect that can cause the boot to bind shock action.

Disassemble the shocks

Insert the screw into the shock cap vent hole and install the foam insert and bladder. Take your time reinstalling the bladder, make sure it is properly seated in the recess of the shock cap.

Fill the shocks with the appropriate oil. The manual recommends 450cst for the front and 400cst in the rear. Pump the shocks up and down slowly to help remove any air.

Attach the shock caps as seen in the video below at 2 minutes.

Shocks completed.

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