Step 4

The contents of bags 34 and 59. The bags were located in the bottom of the main box.

To position the side guards, I loosely attached the guard with the front and rear screws to hold it into position before tightening and inserting the rest of the screws.

Repeat for the other guard.

Step 5

Parts required for this step. Bag 10 is found in the removable tray.

If you have big fingers, placing this nut into position now helps.

Mount the diff onto the diff mounts and screw the gear cover in place. Use threadlock on the three screws that go into the metal locaters.

Mount the diff assembly to the chassis, leave the countersunk screw slightly loose for the time being.

Step 6

Bag 19 is also in the removable tray. Team Durango has provided hardware for motors with 3mm or 4mm mounting holes. If you use the 4mm screws, you'll need a 3mm hex driver for this step.

Mount your motor to the motor mount.

Attach the motor mount to the chassis. The shorter screws fit into the holes on the outer edge of the chassis. You can now tighten the countersunk screw from the last step when you have your gear mesh set.

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