Step 14

Bags 41 and 42.

Install the clip vertically, this provides the best support for the lower pivot ball.

Steering hubs attached, don't worry about the camber settings for the time being, they can be adjusted at the end of the build.

Step 15

Bag 51.

The manual setting recommend installing the steering turnbuckles in the 3rd hole of the steering plate. The straight ballcups mount inwards.

I found it easier to tighten the inner ballstuds from the bottom with a 2.5mm hex wrench.

Step 16

Bag 26.

Remove one of the swaybar ends, slide the heatshrink onto the swaybar and apply heat to shrink the heat shrink. Reattach the swaybar end.

Mount the swaybar and frontplate onto the front bulkhead. Adjust the grubscrews so that the sway bar has minimal forward/backward play.

Attach the swaybar links

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