Step 20

Bag 50

Attach the ball cup to the tower, this part uses the shorter screws provided. Mount it with the thicker section of the pivot ball facing the tower. Make sure the drive shaft is in the outdrive before attaching the outer ball cup.

Attach the outer ball cup to the hub, double check that the drive shaft is in the outdrive.

Step 21

Bag 31

Remove one of the sway bar ends and slide on the heat shrink and shrink it with heat. Replace the sway bar end.

Attach the sway bar and plate to the bulkhead. Adjust the grub screws to reduce forward/backward play in the sway bar.

Clip the swaybar links onto the swaybar ends.

Step 22

Bags 11 and 57

Remove the wing mounts

Attach the wing mounts. The front hole uses the shorter of the two M4 screws.

Attach the brace to the wing mounts

Reattach the body mounts.

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