Step 23

Bag 40

Not much to this step, I attached the brace to the chassis first to prevent the longer screw being used in the bulkhead by mistake.

Step 24

Bag 28

Optional Step

I changed the orientation of the battery straps so they would tighten as you pull towards yourself.

Battery tray, radio box and transponder mount installed. If you want to adjust the battery locators, it's best to do it before you install the battery tray.

I decided to leave the lid of the radio box off until all the electronics were installed.

Step 25 and 26

Bag 27

The servo mount is offset to one side, make sure to mount your servo correctly. The servo is mounted using the 12mm button head screws provided.

If you're not a fan of using rubber grommets on your servo, Team Durango provide a spacer to place under your servo to make up the height difference.

Attach the servo mount to the chassis. Route the servo lead under the drive shaft.

Screw the grub screw into one side of the steering ball cup and then screw the other side onto the grub screw.

The pivot balls have a coned side. When inserting them into the steering link you need one facing up and the other down.

Install the steering link and servo horn. The 14mm button head screw is used on the steering bellcrank side of the steering link and the two remaining 12mm screws are used on the servo side.

Next up is installing the ESC tray. Attach the wire guide to the tray.

Mount your ESC to the tray and use the clips under the tray as a guide for your ESC cable.

Step 24 Continued

I removed a bit of material from the radio box lid so that the transponder wires wouldn't be pinched when attaching the lid.

Due to the radio box having limited room, I shortened my servo and ESC leads.

When closing the lid make sure that all the cables are located properly. I started with the inner side.

Attach the antenna tube and secure it with the grub screw. I used a longer tube rather than bundling the antenna cable inside the radio box.

Electronics installed. Depending on your electronics installation, you may need a longer sensor cable. I ended up using a 250mm sensor cable.

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